Design Trends for 2017

Design Trends for 2017

Interior Design Trends for 2017

Bringing Nature in

This one has been growing in popularity for a while, although it has now reached a new level. First it was opening up lounge rooms to the courtyard, now it’s about bringing the courtyard inside. From hanging plants to small pots on shelves everything is workable in just about any house. Joel from Interiors Brunswick says “Just make sure your placement is right. Ideally near a window or some sort of natural light will ensure your plants look great for a long time”. The combination of wooden pots and green plants is also a winner and softens the overall look.

Soft Concrete

Soft concrete? No we don’t mean the feel, we mean the look! This trend is about softening the look of concrete benches and walls inside the house. Once only the domain of BBQ and kitchen benches, a more ‘detailed’ concrete is being used for more intricate surfaces such as wall panels. Using lighter, more pale colours, this has opened up the use of concrete finishes to bathrooms and even bedrooms, whilst still maintaining a sense of warmth.

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Gradual tone differences is the predicted trend for 2017. Rather than the harsh contrasts such as black and white cabinets or bright coloured cabinets with white/black benches, this is all about shades. For example shades of grey and black works very well in most modern houses. You may have a medium to dark grey cabinet, finishes, lighter grey bench top and splash-back and black door handles and taps. This overall look is more pleasing to the eye and keeps your guests noticing small details, even after looking at it a few times over.