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Step into the world of innovation with the Fantom Collection at Hardware Box, where cutting-edge technology meets sleek design. This collection is specifically curated for those who value the combination of advanced functionality and minimalist aesthetics in their space. The Fantom range is renowned for its revolutionary door hardware solutions, including the groundbreaking Fantom Doorstop, which exemplifies innovation in home and commercial environments.

The Fantom Collection is designed to offer seamless integration into any setting, ensuring that practicality and design go hand in hand. Specialising in magnetic door stops, this range utilises a concealed, floor-mounted mechanism that not only enhances the visual appeal of your doors but also provides a durable, effective solution for door stopping needs. With its emphasis on safety, ease of installation, and unobtrusive design, the Fantom Doorstop represents a leap forward in door hardware technology.

Hardware Box's dedication to offering the latest in door hardware technology shines through with the Fantom Collection. Each product in this range is selected for its ability to blend functionality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your spaces not only look good but also work efficiently. Explore the Fantom Collection today and experience the perfect marriage of design and innovation, making it easier than ever to find solutions that meet the modern demands of both form and function.