We understand your dilemma. You’ve found the perfect architectural quality door hardware but you’re unsure about the colour. It’s common that what you see on the screen doesn’t always match what you get in the box. To alleviate those concerns and assist in your purchasing decision we offer a range of free colour samples relative to many of our range of door handles, door knobs, flush handles, and accessories. These free samples are limited to one per customer and have the added benefit of free regular Australian shipping where applicable.


Will this finish match my other hardware?

While every effort is made to ensure the finish is consistent across our hardware, coating methods may vary between product types and brands. If in doubt, please order a free finish sample via the link in the menu above.

What process is used for coating your door levers and other hardware?

We use electroplating, powder coating or PVD coating across our range. Our levers are electroplated.

Do you have a showroom where I can view your hardware?

We do not have a showroom, but we understand the value of being able to interact with physical products, so we offer free finish samples using actual door handle roses, product images and detailed dimensions and specs. If you have any other questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re happy to help!