Gunmetal Door Handles and Hardware: Buyers Guide

Gunmetal Door Handles and Hardware: Buyers Guide

Gunmetal finishes in the home have exploded in popularity recently. There are a number of reasons for this although the main ones appear to be:

1. Gunmetal Tapware came onto then market which people loved, and home owners wanted all their hardware (door handles, kitchen hardware etc..) to match and provide a cohesive look

2. Gunmetal goes with just about everything. Whether your Gunmetal Grey hardware is going against a backdrop of white, black, timber or just about any other finish, gunmetal looks great. Unlike the briefly popular 'rose gold', gunmetal doesn't really clash with any other colours.

3. It's easy to maintain. Chrome and Satin Hardware can show marks and even fingerprints. With gunmetal, it's dark enough to hide marks, whilst and the satin or 'brushed' surface ensures fingerprints do not blemish your hardware.

4. Finally, it looks different but not controversial. Chrome, Black and Brass have all been around for a while and with their growth in popularity the natural conclusion is they are not as unique as they once were. Gunmetal Grey, whilst growing in popularity, is still very new, thus still makes a unique statement. Unlike other finishes which dated quickly (think rose gold and bright colours), Gunmetal Grey is more understated and far more likely to be around for a long time.

Gunmetal Grey Cupboard Knobs

Options for Gunmetal Grey Hardware

Nowadays just about any hardware can be found in the Gunmetal Grey finish. Including LeversFlush PullsCavity SlidersCupboard KnobsDoor Stops and Hinges, the large range means your home will have a consistent look and is not a mismatch of different colours and finishes. 

Gunmetal Grey Handles Range

How durable is it and how do I care for it?
When using Gunmetal Grey Hardware in your home, you definitely do not want it to fade or chip. An important question to ask is "how is the finish applied?". With our range, all our Gunmetal finishes are 'electroplated, which is the most durable finish for Gunmetal Grey.

Cleaning the hardware is as simple as using warm water to wipe the hardware. You can use a product such as Mr Sheet or other similar wax based products applied with a soft cloth. Avoid using caustic products, acids, solvents or abrasive cleaners as these can damage the finish.

What else to consider

Gunmetal Hardware looks great if all your hardware is the same Gunmetal finish. If you have some in Grey, some Chrome, some Black, it can somewhat take away from the look. So gunmetal is very much a 'all or nothing' type of finish. 

If you're replacing existing hardware, it is also recommended you measure existing holes and cutouts to ensure any replacement hardware will work with the existing holes. Holes can be filed, although it is much easier to make a hole bigger then it is to make it smaller.