Door Handles

Discover the elegance and functionality of our exclusive door handle collection at Hardware Box. From entrance sets that greet your guests with style to sleek levers that blend seamlessly in your space, our range features meticulously chosen styles including the contemporary Mucheln Edge Series and the solid brass Mucheln Odyssey Series. Elevate every entrance and transform spaces with our brushed brass, matte black, satin nickel, gunmetal grey or white finishes.


What are the different types of handle sets?

Entrance Set: Used on exterior doors where a key is required to unlock it from the outside.

Privacy Set: Lockable from the inside with a snip or pin, with an emergency release on the outside.

Passage Set: A pair of handles with a latch, but no locking function.

Dummy Set: Left and Right handed handles usually only installed on the outside of the door to facilitate a push/pull action.

What size rose (rosette) are the handles and what size do I need?

Our handles typically have a 52mm or 63mm rose.

If your doors are new you can use any size you like.

If the hole in your door is 25-45mm we recommend using a 52mm rose. If the hole in your door is 50-54mm, we recommend using a 63mm rose.

Are Mucheln levers right handed or left handed?

Our Mucheln Entry, Passage and Privacy door handle sets are universal, meaning they can be installed left OR right handed.

Our Dummy sets include a right handle and left handle, since they are only installed on the outside of the door.

What door thickness are Mucheln handles suitable for?

Most standard doors are 35mm thick, and our Mucheln door handles are suitable for doors between 32mm to 50mm.