The Beecroft House – Sense of Place​

The name Beecroft House signifies sense of place. The house has been built on Yuin country, and it’s the land that the owner’s first fell in love with.​

Wanting to create a new house that instantly felt like home and would be a practical family home designed with their family’s needs of today as well as their changing needs in the future in mind.​

With a strong focus on connection to the outside, use of glass, a neutral earthy palette and open plan design allowed the for the outside to be brought inside. ​

Modern energy saving technologies and the use of sustainable, long lasting and recycled materials, were incorporated into the build to reduce the carbon footprint.​

Located just a few blocks from the coast, the Beecroft House is not what you expect a coast house design to be like. Instead, the design draws from comforting nostalgic design and clean, simple lines.​

The White Edge Handle series has been used throughout the home to accomplish the clean lines with a traditional twist on contemporary. ​