Hardware Door Handle Inspiration

Hardware Door Handle Inspiration

There are so many more choices out there when it comes to door handle and hardware in your home then ever before. Here are our top 5 favourites currently on the market.

We love these cast brass handles by Yota Kakuda. A sleek yet classic look in a great finish. Brass is definitely making a come back in the home.

brass door handle

Door Handle or stealth fighter? This Warren and Mahoney black door handle design out of New Zealand demonstrates there are no limits to door handle design.

modern door handle

What door handles will be be using in 2035? They would have to be something like this ! Tempting just to push it isn't it...The ORB Door Handle

futuristic door handle

Proving door handles can be made of just about any material, we love the look of these timber door handles by pietboon

wooden door handle

And to finish out our favourites how about this custom design for a sliding door. So Elegant and wonderfully integrated with the door.

sliding door handle