What to think about when choosing door handles

What to think about when choosing door handles

What to think about when choosing door handles

Think a door handle is just a door handle? We’ll believe it or not there are many different things you need to consider before purchasing a door handle to make sure you get exactly what you’re after.


The first element is pretty simple. Generally there are 3 types of door handles. Entrance, Passage and Privacy handles.

Entrance handles have a handle and also a key lock below, with a snib on the other side. Perfect, as you’d expect, for an entrance door or any external door.

Privacy handles have a handle and on one side a snib so you can lock it. For example, locking a bathroom door from the inside.

Finally passage door handles have no lock and are perfect for a door on a lounge room or hallway where you do not require a lock, just require it to close.

Other door handle configurations

Installing French doors? For 2 doors opening out, generally you would have one handle as an entrance handle (so the doors can be locked) and the handle on the other door as a passage handle. You then need to have a bolt at the bottom and top of the door with the passage handle. This will provide the ultimate security.


Black is back as you may have heard. Door handles come in many colours with chrome being the most common and black the most ‘in’ trend at the moment. The main advantage of black, apart from the look, is the fact it’s generally easier to keep clean as it doesn’t show finger marks like chrome door handles do.


When we say size, we’re referring to the size of the whole you need to cut in the door. Believe it or not there is no standard size, only common sizes. Always wait until you receive the handle to cut the whole so you can use the instructions. Although if you’re buying one of our black door handles, we have the instructions online in case you want to get a head start!

Anything else?

Odds are you’re going to have your new handles on your doors for a long time, so be sure to choose ones you like purchase ours, remember we offer a full refund if you change your mind before installing, so you don’t need to be 100% until you receive the handles.. But we’re sure you’ll love them.

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