What to consider when choosing Gunmetal Grey hardware for your home

What to consider when choosing Gunmetal Grey hardware for your home

When it comes to interior design, details make all the difference.

For some time, matte black has been a dominant choice for those seeking to create a bold and contemporary aesthetic. However, as striking as matte black hardware can be, it comes with its own set of limitations that might not make it suitable for every home or style. It can overpower softer design elements and show fingerprints and dust more easily. These challenges highlight the need for alternative finishes that can offer both style and practicality, such as the increasingly popular gunmetal grey.

Gunmetal grey hardware offers a unique, sophisticated alternative to the traditional finishes found in most homes, and is capable of a versatility not found with black.

Whether you’re updating a kitchen, refreshing a bathroom, or accentuating the details of your doors, gunmetal grey provides a modern twist that can transform your space. Consider the following when selecting gunmetal grey hardware for your home.

1. Complement your colour scheme

Gunmetal grey is a versatile colour that complements a wide range of palettes. It pairs beautifully with both warm and cool tones, acting as a subtle contrast that enhances your existing decor. For a sleek, contemporary look, match gunmetal grey with monochromatic shades like black, white, or different shades of grey. If you prefer a pop of colour, it also stands out against bolder hues such as royal blue, emerald green, or even vibrant yellows.

2. Style and function Hardware is more than just a decoration, it needs to be functional.

Our Mucheln range of Gunmetal grey hardware extends to cupboard knobs and handles, bathroom accessories, sliding door locks, flush pulls and door stops, ensuring that you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality and you can enjoy a consistent look throughout your space.

3. Lighting Lighting can play a pivotal role in how colours and finishes appear in your home throughout different times of the day.

Gunmetal grey can look strikingly different under natural light compared to artificial lighting.Gunmetal grey typically shines in well-lit areas, highlighting its unique undertones and finish.

Choosing gunmetal grey hardware is a sure way to infuse elegance and sophistication into your home. It’s a unique choice that sets your space apart with its subtle beauty and versatility. By considering these factors, you can select gunmetal grey fixtures that not only look fantastic but also enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, proving that sometimes, it's the smallest details that make the biggest impact.

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